Fun Run

This week I was just not that motivated. It is hard doing all the running all the time. I feel like I am really slacking on my midweek runs – I just do not want to do them. It really helps to have some friends do speed training with me on Tuesdays – I look forward to that. I guess I need to recruit them for the rest of my runs, too.

Marathon training is hard. I guess I am stating the obvious… it is hard physically but more so it is just draining. There is nothing else you can do, especially at this point.  I am just ready to do something else. I had an urge to ride a mountain bike or lift weights – both of which take their own kind of energy and muscle use. I am not prepared at this point to change up too much because the marathon is so close. I am feeling like I did towards the end of P90X – just get over with it! I wish I could just go out and run a marathon tomorrow so I can move on with my life!

Today however, gave me a huge burst of energy. Scarlette came over and ran the trails with me. W3 ran for almost an hour and got a great workout. There were lots of hills and the trails were rugged so you had to keep constant eye on your footing. The weather was good – still a bit chilly and overcast, but after about 15 minutes we were both sweating pretty good.  I got to wear shorts, which was pretty nice! Hopefully the weather is getting back to normal around here!

Tomorrow is rest day in preparation for our last 20-miler.  I have to say that I am very nervous about this one. It is not the distance, but where the distance takes us. We are running around Polk County. I HATE running on roads…. aside from the cars I just hate all the people looking at me while I run. I just cannot enjoy it.

The plan for tomorrow is 4 – 5 milers. The clincher is that we HAVE to run 4 hours… even if that means running more than 20 miles. However, if we get to the 4 hour mark and have NOT yet run 20 miles we have to KEEP RUNNING! AHHH I knew there would be a catch!

5 miles at an EASY pace
5 miles at race pace
5 miles at easy pace
5 miles at race pace

I am nervous about this route, but I will have two people with me. I am concerned about carrying water and gels, etc. The last time we did 20 we did them as part of a half marathon so 13.1 of the miles had water stations, etc. We didn’t really have to worry about anything. This will be a different story. I have to stop worrying about it! I think I had dreams about it most of the night last night.

26 days to go!


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