The Taper

This week is the first week of the taper. Apparently it is one of the most important parts of training… a time to slowly reduce mileage and let your body recover and rebuild before the big race day. The taper is supposed to be hard – I have read many die hard runners can’t stand it – they can’t stand not running as much. I will have to report back in a couple of weeks but right now I cannot see that being a problem for me. I am officially sick of running. Or at least sick of having to run all the time! Maybe after this taper I will be so excited to get out to run long and hard that I will just crush my finish time.

In the meantime I have to apparently be on the look out for “taper madness”. This I think is what will happen to me. In these last couple of weeks, since you are not running as much, you start thinking more. You start thinking about how you could have trained more, trained harder, did more…. I can certainly see this happening. I already have those thoughts most of the time – even after I put in 30+ mile weeks.  My concern is that I run so slowly during my training run. My original plan from Hal Higdon doesn’t really focus on speed at all. I just ran to build up the miles. But still… I saw a post on a message board that said something like “long slow runs in training make for long slow races”.

AND, that brings me to my next problem – reading too much. I really think I will drive my self nuts if I continue to keep reading about running. Between my books, the blogs I read and the message boards on Runner’s World I have read so many peoples opinions and training regimes it is ridiculous.  But, I keep thinking that I will happen upon the one little piece of wisdom that will help propel me to the finish line faster and stronger than ever. Somehow a special quote will make it easier and faster, right?



  1. weightosuccess

    You are so ready for this race girlie. Don’t over think it your going to do great!!! You’ve trained so hard for it just enjoy it. Of course this is coming from a non runner wanna be but… someone who is so proud of you none the less:-)

  2. Linda

    I took the map off the marathon site to see what it looked like. Looks like we’ll be at the beginning and the end of your race. Dad and I know you will do great no matter what place you come in. It is all in the goal you chose for yourself and going through with it. Many people would have quit long ago. We are so very proud of you.

  3. fab44

    You are a Rockstar and will do great in this race!

  4. lauraph2009

    I am so thankful to have you guys cheering me on and telling me how wonderful I am all the time!!!! I love you!

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