I read an article today about how running helps you expand your definition of fun. It is so true! Today as Sue and I ran our 800’s around a lop-sided parking lot with speed bumps to hurdle we were having fun! The wind was blowing so hard I thought my tee shirt was going to blow up. It was hard to breath. We had a ball.

The same goes for the long runs with Scarlette and Leslie. Somewhere in the cold and pain we find laughter and we always end our runs and say, “that was fun!”. Fun is certainly what you make it.

I never thought I would have fun doing this. I used to exercise out of necessity trying to get the weight off – many years of starting and giving up. When the sole focus of exercising is losing weight it was not successful… and certainly not fun. The goal is the key. I like having something to work towards. I haven’t decided what I am going to do after the marathon – I decided to hold off on that decision until the big day has passed. I know it will involve some sort of goal, I just do not know what.

There are 16 days until the ultimate fun run!


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