6 mile run

I got off work early today to get my mid-week “longish” run in. Today was 6 miles. My plan had me doing 6 miles anyways, but Scarlette sent me what she was doing. Her workouts are always so much more fun! I would have plodded along for 6 miles, but instead I had these instructions:

3 x 2 miles:

Effort #1 – should be just a little harder than your warm-up.

Effort #2 – should be about the way you would run in a race or if someone were watching you!

Effort #3 – should be as if you were racing someone and you don’t want them to beat you. Yes – HARD!

My warm-up was nice and easy and I was feeling really great. I went out stronger than I should have for the 1st effort… I did the first 2 miles in about 9:30-9:45 pace. For my second lap I started out a bit slower…. after the brief walk and some stretching I had a hard time getting up to speed again. I managed to keep it between 10:00 and 10:30 most of the time.

I did manage to run like someone was watching me! It is funny how differently you can run when you start thinking like this. My posture was better, I held in my stomach a bit more and I sped up a bit – then a squirrel jumped out at me from behind a tree and I lost all my concentration!

After the squirrel episode I regained my composure and finished that lap ok. My mile 4 my left hip and hamstring started hurting. The outside muscle of my left hip has been hurting all week since speed training. I have tried stretching, trigger point and foam roller… heat, ice and BioFreeze.  I am going to keep up this regime and hope for it to heel . I do not have a massage scheduled for another week so I will just have to manage.

By the third set I was feeling a bit slower and for some reason got to a point where I could barely move my legs I walked for a minute or two and decided to run through the fatigue. I thought of the last two miles of the marathon. Stopping will NOT be an option. I wanted to finish strong. I ended up running the last quarter mile at a 9:56 pace.

Overall it took me 1:02 to run 6 miles with a couple of walking breaks. I was happy with that time.

There are 14 days before the marathon!!!



  1. Linda

    Good luck with your 15 miles this weekend with the snow. Hopefully Sunday you can run.

  2. Linda

    A runner’s quote:

    “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

    -John Bingham, running speaker and writer

  3. fab44

    Your mother is so sweet. I really do like that quote. I hope you feel better.:) It’s been a rough week for us all.

  4. lauraph2009

    I love this quote! Thank you for finding me good, inspirational ones!

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