Running log update

I have not been keeping up with my running log on my blog because I have my Garmin keeping track of it and a nice calendar I got for my birthday. But, since I had nothing better to do on this snowy day I decided to go back and at least put my monthly totals.

At first I just wanted to add up my mileage that I have done so far for my marathon training. I officially started in October with the marathon plan and put in quite a bit of miles!
October: 82.5
November: 116 – this was an awesome month!
December: 59
January: so far 103… I am supposed to have 15 more tomorrow
So far the total is: 360.5

December was off due to the half marathon and snow. I had to have a low mileage week to taper for the half, then the week after was a bit lower for recovery. Then the week of Christmas we had a huge snow storm that prevented me from running. Well, it shouldn’t have I guess… I do have a treadmill. I have to admit that December was rough for me. I lost a little motivation after the half for some reason. You would think it would have encouraged me, but I was just getting a bit tired of running. Although the official training start in October, I had to train to even start training so really  I have been training since the end of August!

August: 26.25
September: 49.5

I was ready for a break in December and I do not regret taking on at all. It was about that time that I start running consistently with Scarlette and Leslie – and that made all the difference in my training. I know I would have done it alone, but having them made it easier. Also, Scarlette shared a lot of tips and workouts from her coach that helped me. I really needed to mix things up.

It was fun looking back at my running log from January. I was sore after my 3 mile runs.  Even though I am still pretty slow, I have made significant improvements! I ran a lot more than I thought I did through the summer. I was really focused on P90X and that workout took a lot of time, but I remember I did do a lot on my lunch hour on the treadmill or my route around my office.

Total miles for 2009: 588.75

I have always hated math but I sure do love totaling up those numbers! I am looking forward to crushing those numbers this year.


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  1. Linda

    Wow! you sure put on the miles. You don’t realize until you add them up how many you ran. Great going!

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