I am so tired

I guess this is part taper tiredness and part stress but I am tired. I left work today feeling like I was beaten with a bat the entire day.  I can’t get caught up and I can’t do anything right lately. Oh how I long to own my own little bookstore and coffee shop. I would have nice soothing music in the background all day and chat with the regulars. I like chatting… there is just no time. When I can’t chat I do not feel like me.

A funny part of the work week has been discussion about my marathon. I am asked every single day how many miles my marathon is. I am sure at own point I didn’t know how many miles a marathon was but it is kind of funny since I work at a sporting goods company. I am happy to say, however, that a lot of people have started running and run/walking. Lots of people signed up for the next two big races coming up. It is really a lot of fun to talk about training.

I just checked the countdown clock:  9 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes


1 Comment

  1. fab44

    When you open your store I want to come work for you :). I know how you feel about not doing anything right lately:) But it will get better :).

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