Digging Deep

I got off work early today as usual for my Thursday night longish run – 6 miles. When I left work it was chilly, but nothing I couldn’t handle. By the time I crossed the NC border it was sleeting. I could feel my heart sink. I couldn’t take it anymore. I am sick and tired of running in the cold and rain and I couldn’t bear to get on the treadmill. After not having two weekends of not quite getting my long runs in I really felt defeated.

I got in the house and just stood there looking out the window. I just didn’t want to do it. I had all but decided on a mediocre run on the treadmill.

Then John spoke up. “It’s not going to get any better”… “How far do you have to go”. I mumbled 6 miles and started whining. He continued, “just a few more days” …”you are almost there”… “get yourself motivated”….. I said that I believe have used up all my motivation – I can’t do it anymore. “Well, you will have to dig deeper”.

Point made. I had to dig deep. The 26.2 miles was coming in 8 days whether I finished my training or not. Doing another half-hearted run on the treadmill was not going to help get me across that finish line any faster.

I suited up and drove to the park. By this time the sleet was coming down pretty good. I put my music on, my hat, my rain jacket and my gloves and started running. I really struggled the first three miles trying to get into the groove. I was out there, but I still wasn’t happy with it. Why in the world did the 10 year drought have to end the year I was training for a marathon?

Despite all of her wonderfulness, even Lady Gaga couldn’t get me out of my funk for the first couple of miles. Finally I hit my pace when “Beautiful and Dirty Rich” came on…I love that song. Then “The Fame”, it really does not getting any better. Then, the snow started to fall. The sleet turned in to the most magnificent snow flakes. At one point they were so large and coming down so heavily that I nearly choked on them! It really is a problem when you are a mouth-breather like me!

The snow lasted two miles then turned into rain for the last mile… no big deal, I was almost done.

I had planned on stopping by the grocery store after my run but I was cold and soaking wet and the parking lot was overflowing with cars. The whole town was out stocking up. I normally do not do the last minute dash to the store, but I have not been able to fully stock my pantry from last week. My cupboards are pretty bare.  I will not die of starvation or anything, but when you are cooped up in the house for the weekend canned tomatoes and barley does not sound good. Better yet, I think I have so frozen fish to go with it… yumm (not).  I really do not even know why I buy fish – I hate it.

Anyways… I need to do some stretches and get some reading done. I have already finished two books this year so I am way ahead of schedule.

Good night


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  1. Linda

    Good for you to get out and run – it is good you have your motivator in the house. I think once the excitement of the race comes around you will be fine. There is one girl at my office that is running the half marathon in Myrtle Beach and this morning she even said she can’t take this anymore. I guess her parents are big marathon runners.

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