The countdown begins!

One week from today I will be running my first marathon. It starts next Saturday at 6:30AM – bright and early!

The plan for this week is simple – run a very little bit, rest, eat and hydrate.  Tomorrow I have my last long run of 10 miles, Monday cross train, Tuesday 3 miles, Wednesday 2 miles….. then nothing until Saturday!

Tomorrow I also get my last massage. I sure hope Bonnie can work the kinks out of my left hamstring. I am sure there is nothing that can be done in the last session, but I am sure any little bit helps.

Tomorrow during the 10 miler I am also going to make my last try at eating on the run. I bought Cliff Shots – instead of Gu or Power Gel. Cliff Shots are all organic and are made with brown rice syrup. I am going to take one 15 minutes before we start running then at 4 miles and 8 miles. It is a little excessive for the amount of miles we are doing, but I thought if I can handle three of them in under 2 hours then I will be ok during the marathon. Scarlette’s coach Katie insists that we must fuel often in the marathon or we will bonk. After all these months of training I certainly do not want to bonk. She reminded Scarlette that there are port-a-potties all along the course if our stomachs get upset. This is reassuring.


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