I love resting!

I have gone to bed early (around 9:00) the last two nights and it is great. I have no problem falling asleep and do not wake up until 5:30AM. I have to do a few more miles this week and I will be done. I hope all this resting gives me the strength to get through 26.2 miles.

I am going to have to stop checking the weather at Myrtle Beach for this weekend. Everyday it changes. One day it is sunny, the next day rainy. Right now it is showing low of 31 and high of 46 with a few showers. It makes me want to scream. However, in an attempt to look on the bright side… I had some really good runs in the rain over the course of these last few months. John kept telling me this could happen – you never know what race day will bring. I guess you don’t.


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    I guess it could be 90 outside – you will do great!

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