Club Meeting

I went to my second Spartanburg Running Club meeting tonight. It was a pretty good meeting. The guest speakers were 4 older ladies that started running a few years ago in a beginners running class. They met and became good friends and now travel together a few times a year to run races. It was inspiring because they stressed that the goal should be to have fun.

I also got to talk to a few people who have run marathons – not just one, but several. They all offered the same pieces of advice: start slow, do not have a goal finish time, have fun.  Two of them said that their first marathons were slow – one finished in 5:28 and the other 5:29… they said you cannot worry about this first one. The last 6 miles are SLOW!

I also got a bit of good info for the Myrtle Beach Marathon… there are food stations at miles 16 and 23. I figured they would have gels and bananas but they told me there are all sorts of things including cookies and pretzels. I am thinking now that I think the thought of a cookie can get me to mile 23! How bad would it be if I got there and they only had orange wedges!

OH! And I found out something exciting the other day and forgot about it. Scarlette told me that Katie has a tee shirt for me. I get my very own Malone Coaching tee shirt for the race. I don’t get to pick it up until Friday at the expo, but I am sure it is nice. Katie is Scarlette’s coach and an awesome athlete.

Tomorrow I really get to start hydrating and carb loading! Yippee!


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