I am officially done with my training.  I had my last two miles today – there is nothing left to do but rest and eat! I have put in the miles and have done the work. Hopefully everything will fall in line on race day.

I had a wonderful day at work today. My team surprised me with a nice card with well wishes and something FUNNY:

They wore these signs all afternoon!!!  It was great!

The other managers I work with also got me a nice card and some energy chews. It was like Christmas! I really need to run more of these:)

So, now I get to go out for Thai food for a work dinner. I LOVE Thai food, but a few days before the race scares me. I do not go out to eat much at all so to start now is a little risky. I think I am going to stick with rice and chicken.



  1. weightosuccess

    We are so proud of you!!!!! As you’re running the race on Saturday use this image to motivate you. We may not be there in person but we will definately be with you in spirit!!

  2. Fab442009

    Ilka said it right, we will be there in spirit!!

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