Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Today was a good day and we managed to stay busy most of the day. We did some shopping and went to the race expo.  The expo was very uneventful – it was smaller than the Thunder Road expo. I guess now that I have been to a few of them the novelty it gone.

We wanted sub sandwiches and looked all over for a place. We came across a little family owned placed that was packed so we figured it must be good. We ordered and waited awhile. It was crazy in there and almost stressful to order. It was a New York-style deli so I guess that was part of the atmosphere. Dad order liverwurst, Mom an Italian sub and I got a smoked turkey wrap. They served Boar’s Head meat, which is the BEST, so we couldn’t go wrong. The sandwiches were the BEST. I really wish I ordered the Italian like Mom – it was fantastic. The good thing is that hers was pretty big and she doesn’t eat much…. we split it and I gave her half of my turkey.

We got back to the hotel and relaxed. This afternoon we had a lovely view of ocean.

Mom and Dad enjoying the view

After doing some stretches I started dinner. My favorite carb dinner – pasta with butternut squash, pancetta and goat cheese. The kitchen is not very big, but it did the trick…

Right now I am sitting here trying to keep my mind off not only the race, but the thought that it might be canceled. It is snowing pretty hard and they are predicting 3-5 inches – AT THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never in my wildest dreams thought that this could actually be a possibility. It has been four long months of training just to get it canceled! I just hope that doesn’t happen. It has been the wettest and coldest winter here in the south that’s for sure.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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