It’s the last 10K that count!

Well, since the marathon was a no-go we decided to go out for a run anyways… with 100’s of other people.  The cancellation did not prevent people from getting out and doing something. I am not going to lie… I was pretty bummed about it being canceled and serious contemplating sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Then I looked out to the street and saw people out there getting it done. Soon after Scarlette called and said she and Leslie were running and I joined them.

Once I got out there I decided to do at least a half marathon – 13.1. I wanted to do the full, but I am just not equipped to run a self-supported full marathon. I was depending on the aid stations every two miles along the way.

The streets were fine and the weather was perfect. We really could not have asked for a better running day. The spirit of the other runners was great. Everyone was out there just doing their thing and everyone was cheering each other on. Cars honked at everyone and by-standers cheered. It was pretty fun.

After about 7 miles we saw a turn off that everyone was taking… it was the official finish line. We decided to follow the other people and see what was at the finish. Low and behold there were a hand full of people at the finish line cheering people in and handing out medals!

We looked at each other in disbelief… should we take a medal? Did we deserve it? HECK YAH! We worked hard for that medal after months of training. We logged our miles, we carbo loaded, hydrated and rested. We did everything we could do to get us to the finish line.

We also remembered a lot of helpful wisdom from random training books and articles…. the first 20 miles of a marathon is the warm-up, it’s the last 6.2 that count. SO… we ran those last 6.2 today and got our medal… haha.

It’s a gorgeous medal and I am sorry that I cannot wear it proudly. I am proud of all the hard work we did and would not trade the last 4 months for anything, but the job is not done. A marathon still needs to be run.

After I got my medal and a Powerade I finished off my race – my own half marathon. I actually ran 13.25 miles and it felt good. Much better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself for the race being canceled.

When I got back to the hotel Mom and Dad were waiting for me to go down to the hot tub. There is an outdoor pool and hot tub and the weather was awesome. There was just a tiny bit of chill in the air that made the hot tube perfect.

After this VERY relaxing soak we went to see Avatar, out to dinner and back to the hotel. We are sitting here enjoying a nice glass of wine right now.


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  1. Marie

    I am sorry it was canceled you have trained so hard, but there will be another one. I as so proud of you for not sitting around bummed, ( i know it had to be disappointing) but you got out and enjoyed yourself that’s all that matters. YOU are A Rockstar..

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