Lessons learned

I started my official training for this marathon in October… August if you count my mileage build up.  That is SIX MONTHS of training for ONE event. One race that I have focused my whole life on. That is not going to happen again. I was so disappointed when I heard it was canceled… my initial reaction is that I didn’t even want to run anymore. Well, that is just crazy talk. I lost sight of the big picture. The big picture is my health, fitness and weightloss.

I have been focused exclusively on running. As a result I really think my running has gotten worse rather than better. Although I really think I was as ready as I could have been for my fitness level to run the marathon, I think I could have been in better shape if I did more cross training and focused on the big picture.

I have not done any core work, weights, very little stretching and have not been as focused on my nutrition as I should be. Once I learned that I needed more carbs for my long runs I decided I needed more carbs ALL the time. I could not find a healthy balance.

I am going to get my mind right again and focus on the complete picture.

3 month plan:
Continue to run, including long runs on the weekends
Do another round of P90X – the Lean Version
Focus on nutrition and calories
Lose these last 20 pounds!



  1. Scarlette

    Laura, I am completely with you – feeling like taking a big break from running altogether. But, here’s the thing about the fitness angle to this anti-climatic story of ours…our HEARTS (and isn’t Feb Heart Health Month?) are STRONG – they are the most important muscle in our bodies. You have conditioned yours to run strong for four and half hours and then some if needed. And believe it or not, you are faster. If you can pump oxygen to those muscles for that long at a steady pace, think about how you can run a 5K with abandon and PR! Yes, I agree that running along, especially distance, has shifted your fitness goals for months, but you aren’t coming out of this empty-handed. It was a cold, crappy winter and maybe, just maybe, if we hadn’t been forced to get out there and burn those calories, well, we might have been in worse shape – mentally and physically. We are strong and our training is not a waste. You now have an endurance base that most people will never achieve. Be proud, my friend. You are still a warrior.

    Onward we go…


  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks Scarlette – we are better for this even though we didn’t get to finish… yet. The best part has been running with you and Leslie all these months. Running brought us together and I am happy for that!

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