It’s official

We found another marathon on 3/21 in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It is another nice, flat course – exactly what we wanted. We really needed to find something soon – none of us wanted too much time to pass… it would get easier and easier just to forget the whole thing. There are a surprising number of marathons going on in March, but most of then are very far away and the ones that are close are hilly. I contemplated going to Knoxville but it is really hilly. Luckily Scarlette came through with a plan to get the job done. It is kind of crazy, but we just need to do it.

We will leave Saturday morning, drive 5+ hours to the race, run the race, and drive home… quick and dirty. No fanfare, no fancy hotels, no pampering. Run and be done… that’s the theme!

In the meantime there is still a lot of training to do – 18 miles need to be run on Saturday before my hair appointment and before packing and heading out to Boston.

Today I had my second day of P90X… did I mention it was harder the second time around? Well, it feels that way! This morning I woke up sore all over and by the end of the work day I had stabbing pains in my left quadricep. I am really not sure what that was all about- it was really painful and actually stopped me in my tracks a couple of times. I got home and massaged it and put some Biofreeze on it.  My P90X workout tonight was supposed to be Plyo – the hardest of all the P90X workouts… lots of squats and jumping. My poor thigh couldn’t take it. I really just wanted to sit on the couch. Truth be told, if John wasn’t here today asking me when I was going to do my “P90X’ing” I might have talked myself into laying on the couch. Sad, but true. Most of the time I am very self-motivated but there are some days I just need a little push.

I decided to switch the workouts around a bit and did Shoulders/Arms/Abs instead of plyo. It was a good decision. It was fun working out my upper body for a change. Ab Ripper kicked my butt as usual! It is so hard! My abs were already sore from the core workout yesterday so it was extra difficult!

I was supposed to do speed training today but my leg kept me away. I will need to workout extra hard tomorrow.


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  1. Ted

    Glad you found another marathon. You should take Greta along to Wrightsville Beach. She is a great help in traveling as you know.

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