Busy week

I have had a very busy and tiring week. Yesterday I felt terrible and was really worried I was getting sick. I went to bed very early and I woke up feeling a bit better. Today was just as busy and hectic and to top it off the big wigs were in town. We had lots of meetings today that were good, but I have so much to do before my trip to Boston I really do not know how I will get it all done.

The highlight of today was going out to dinner. I was dreading it because it was about a half an hour in the opposite direction of home and i just knew it was going to be a long affair. It was long – I didn’t get home until 9:30, but it was so worth it. We had a fantastic time – I got to sit next to the Head of Global Operations all night and he was a really interesting person. Lots of appetizers were orders and they were all delicious. The main course was the best – I got the special of the day ‘The Napoleon”. It was a stack of two petite filet mignons and a crab cake, with sides of Carolina Gold rice, collard greens and fried leeks. It was fantastic. Between the wine, appetizers and entrees for 9 people I cannot even imagine what the bill was! Everyone talked and laughed all night – it was so much better than I thought it would be.

Now I just have to get through one more busy day. I will have to get in there early tomorrow to even come close to getting everything done.


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  1. Linda

    Your dinner sounded terrific. See you Saturday.

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