WOW, what a week . Busy and work but completely unmotivated to do anything else. I haven’t run a single foot this week and not feeling great. I would be completely happy if I never ran again. I am tired and my body hurts. For some reason I am having lots of muscle cramps and random pains – probably for not running.  oh well. I have a marathon to run in a few short weeks and I better suck it up.

Tomorrow we are running 18 miles! AHHH It’s a 9-mile out and back…. I think it will be fine. I bought a fuel belt today and some more Power Bar Gels. I think these are my “favorite” (as favorite as they can be). I am going to squirt them in on of my flasks and dilute with water. Pray that I do not have stomach problems…. after my race I have to get my hair done and the next day have to sit on a plane for two hours! If I have stomach issues it is going to be miserable!!!!

I am tired so I am going to bed! This is probably the most unexciting blog ever… maybe one day it will be fun again!


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