Hotel Life Day 2

It took me a day, but I think I have a routine. I really do not like exercising in the morning and I think yesterday I was too ambitious. This morning I again woke up at 5:00AM but I decided to sit and have a cup of coffee and watch the news for a bit while my body woke up. At 5:30 I got ready and headed down to the gym. What a difference a half hour makes!  I got on the elliptical and had a great high-intensity interval workout. I was really sweating and got my heart rate up good. The elliptical is really not a good substitute for running, but at least I got my heart rate up.

After my workout I went to the Starbucks stand in the lobby and got myself  a grand Bold and a bagel. I got up to my room, showered, ate and got ready. It was perfect timimg to head down to the lobby for the 7:30 shuttle.

Another thing I was smart about today was that I brought a book along. The shuttle is a slow, long ride. Yesterday it took 30 minutes, today 45. The shuttle was packed – I think the sales team from Asia was having a sales meeting or something. I was happy to sit by the window and tune all the chatter out while I read my book.

I was also prepared for a long ride home after work. Yesterday the 5:30PM shuttle came at 6:00PM so I thought a book would be good to have while I wait. Luckily Amy invited me out to dinner with her friend Kris.  Both are hilarious and we had a great time at Texas Roadhouse.

I am off to read and to bed early again. I still didn’t sleep the best last night. Hopefully tonight will be better – either way, 5:00AM comes fast!


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  1. weightosuccess

    Now that’s dedication. You manage to get a workout in no matter where you are and what you have to work with. My hero!!!

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