Reefocus, Reerun

OK… so I am stealing a bit from Reebok’s new theme of adding “Ree” before everything, but I like it. The whole idea of starting over new and better. Reegaining the dedication that has been lost along the way somehow. Reebok’s goal is to add fun back into fitness. This is something I lost awhile ago when the running got harder and therefore less fun.

I find myself complaining about it more rather than just enjoying the experience of getting out there and running. I can now run farther than ever before. My legs and heart are stronger than ever. I can run faster (if I try to!). I never thought I would be running this much – what is there to complain about?

I CHOOSE to run, nobody is making me. I do not have a gun pointed to my head. I like being out there listening to my music and seeing how far I can go.

I started this goal to run a marathon with the goal to FINISH. My long runs were long and slow and I made it through. I feel like for some reason I shifted my goal of “finishing” (what the goal of all first marathons should be) to having stupid thoughts of “I am too slow” , “my body is not strong enough” and “I can’t do it”. How did these thoughts creep back in to my brain? I thought I conquered those thoughts long ago. It is so odd how quickly your brain can revert back into old thought patterns.

I did some research and found a marathon plan that had a 2 week taper period that has a 20 mile run NEXT week. I was supposed to do it this week but after two weeks of barely any running I think I need to take some time to build some mileage back up and regain some confidence. Mentally I was not ready to go out today and I think my thoughts will be as miserable today as they were last week. After a week of running and thinking about a successful run next Saturday I will be fine.

I feel so good about this decision. After these past couple of years of workout out and working towards goals I think I can finally trust myself to know what is right for my body. I know this is the right thing to do, even if it means tapering only two weeks instead of three.

Today the plan calls for a two mile run. I am going to get my chores done around the house and go out when it is a bit warmer and enjoy being outside for two hours. I will have a good run and get to the starting line on March 21st stronger than ever!



  1. I just love how self motivated you are to keep on running! You really do inspire me as as I am sure you do others.

  2. You go girl đŸ™‚ I think reefocusing is always a good plan. I feel more energized than ever now that I am reefocused on my training!!! You are awesome!!!!

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