Race Predictor

Here I go again… trying to anticipate how long this marathon will actually take me. I do not know why I torture myself this way, but I cannot help it. There are a couple of sites that have “race predictor” tables. You can type in your times of other races and it will predict what your times for other races might be.

McMillian says:
Since I ran my best half marathon in 2:16 then my marathon should be 4:46
Then I change it to my 20 mile time (4 hours) and suddenly my marathon time is now 5:19.
My 5 mile time is 54 min so my marathon time is 5:17
My 5K time is 30:22 so then my marathon time becomes 4:56

Galloway says:
If I can run my 5 magic miles (a specific way to measure this) in a certain time he can predict a marathon time. Since I did not actually do this special predictor workout, I just guessed using my best mile time of 9:30. using this he predicts my marathon time as 5:23.
He has another pace chart based on previous race times and he has roughly my 5K time for a marathon finish of 5:12 and roughly my half marathon time for a full marathon finish time of 4:55.

Other sites using different charts, but my same times show various finish times as:

I averaged all these and came to the time of 5:08. That is a time I can live with. I guess I will have to wait until March 31st to find out! In the meantime I better get on the floor and do my stretches and core work!



  1. Ted

    I always admire your analytics.

  2. lauraph2009

    Yes, who knew numbers could come in so handy! 🙂

  3. Scarlette

    it’s about about Katie Holmes 🙂

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