Running buddy!

Today the plan was 4 miles. Katheryn is having hip flexor issues so I had to go to the track alone. As I got ready I saw Mollie’s eyes… she wanted to go with. She was up for the challenge! I know she is not necessarily the perfect running partner yet, but she can hang for 4 miles, right?

We got to the track and we were the only ones there. We got out and commenced to running.

She was strapped with her harness, which is supposed to make for effortless running and walking. Mollie had other ideas. She kept biting the leash and trying to trip me. Many times during the first mile she would run and look me straight in the eye while she was running. She wanted to play more than anything. She was not interested serious running by any means.

After the first mile I decided that I was wasting more energy keeping her in line than I was actually running. I tripped over her several times and had to coax her along several other times. I realized that my training run was not going to happen and needed to just enjoy walking with Mollie.

We walked for another mile before calling it quits. by this time my shoulders and arms were tired from holding her. I do not know how people run with dogs!



  1. Ilka

    It takes a lot of training lol.. Mollie says it’s play time who wants to run? At least your enjoying yourself!

  2. Linda

    I don’t believe sweet little Mollie would give any problems.

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