Work it!

I was so productive today… it must be a carry-over from yesterday. I got a ton of work done, got home and did my taxes. I love Turbo Tax – I think it took me 30 whole minutes to do Federal and two states… you got to love that. Completely hassle free.

Now I am sitting here thinking about the fun that I will hopefully be having in September! Lady Gaga is coming to Charlotte and I am so excited! Her music is awesome and she is amazing. A total freak!  Her songs are so energizing – I listen to them during every single run I have. I usually save her for the end when I need to get my energy up.

My current favorite song is “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”. The video is tame for Gaga, but the song is great to run to!

Now I have to go finish my book!



  1. Ilka

    I love, love, love her music but I don’t know if I could actually watch her in concert because she truly is “freak”..she does some unusual things lol

  2. Linda

    She is out there . . .

  3. Ted

    Makes me want to dye my hair blond and put on red lipstick.

  4. lauraph2009

    She is all about the wig so you wouldn’t have to dye your hair!

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