Last night we got our U.S. Census and filled it out. I had to enter my age – 41… it is funny because even though you KNOW how old you are it is rare that you have to type the actual number. I really do not worry about that number, but it is so weird. I just do not feel like I should now be in my forties. I feel like a dork most of the time and do not feel all that mature, like I would expect a 40 year old woman to be.

The good news is that exercise helps that even more! I read in Dean Karanazes blog that:
German scientists have identified, “Direct evidence of an anti-aging effect of physical exercise,” one of them said in a statement. In their watershed study, theses researchers looked at marathoners and triathletes who had been training for decades and found that endurance sports appear to have anti-aging effects at the molecular level.

Specifically endurance sports… all these long slow runs have another benefit that I didn’t even know about. The great thing about running is that every time I turn around I find yet another reason to keep running.


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