Taper… again

I feel like it’s deja vu! I am officially in taper mode. All the training is done and there is nothing to do but rest, hydrate and eat. Sound familiar? I sure hope I am able to seal the deal this weekend! The weather is supposed to be sunny and 65 degrees. Under normal circumstances this is the perfect weather. My big concern is that it will seem really hot. We have trained for 5 months in the cold, wind, rain and snow. The warmest day I have trained in was one day last week when it was sunny and 54 degrees and I felt a huge difference in how much I sweated. I really was thirsty most of the run and really needed to drink more water than I did. I will have to be extra careful on Sunday.

In the meantime I need to stock up on supplies for the road trip. The plan is to leave Saturday morning about 9:30AM, drive, get there and get our packets, eat and rest. We got a suite with a kitchenette so we will be bringing our own food to warm-up and eat. We are not going to take any chances with unfamiliar food the night before the race! I also have to load up on snacks, fluids and breakfast food.

I am excited to get this done!


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  1. Linda

    Good luck and safe driving!

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