Final countdown!

Now I am getting nervous. I am starting to have doubts about being able to keep up the pace the whole time.  This marathon has been sending us little e-mails daily with info and reminders about the race. One of the last ones was to remind us that there is a 6 hour cut-off time, which is around a 13 min pace. My plan is to finish before 5 hours, but knowing I am so close the the cut off is unnerving.

Apparently to ensure that you are going the right pace there will be volunteers on bikes on the course. If a bike passes me I am going to panic! What if they come by while I am taking a brief walk break? Will they think I am not keeping up? Also, apparently this course has a couple of loops in the middle of it. I like loops so this didn’t bother me. However, one of the recent e-mails pointed out, in big red, bold letters:

*Please Note*  Lead runners will be lapping slower runners at some points in the race.  Please stay to the far right of the running lane to allow easy passing to take place.

It never occurred to me until now that I would be LAPPED! I will just have to focus and listen to my music and not pay attention.

Another thing about this marathon is that it is small. Probably less than 1000 people. That means it will be sorely evident that I am slow. I am really hoping there are other slow people. However, unlike the bigger marathons where there are all levels of runners i worry that there won’t be at this one. This one is not walker friendly so I won’t have the walkers behind me to ensure that I will not be the slowest person out there. AND, this is the inaugural marathon for this city – since it has not been run before I have no history to look back on to see how the finishers did. I always like going into a race knowing how the last place person did the year before. I am going in blind.

OK – I got that out of my system! I am sure it will be a great and wonderful experience!


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  1. Linda

    Just have fun – remember this is your very first marathon so no matter which marathon you go in at this point you are going in blind. I’m sure your goal is to finish, just concentrate on that. You will do great!

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