Marathon weekend is here!

Scarlette and I hit the road this morning about 9:40 for a 5 hour drive to Wilmington, NC. The trip was great – we stopped in Columbia for lunch and Starbucks. The trip went really fast and we were at the beach before we knew it.

The hotel is really nice – we got one with a kitchenette… you will see it later! After bringing our stuff up we headed the the expo. The expo was SMALL, but they seemed organized so I think we are off to a good start.

Since we were at the beach, and had been sitting for 5 hours, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. It was beautiful!

We brought our own food to warm-up in the hotel room. We had quite a feast!

NOTE: We did NOT eat all of this food!!! Scarlette brought stuffed shells, I brought my butternut squash pasta dish and then we also decided we need garlic bread and dessert. ALSO NOTE: there was to be salad, but we opened the package up and it was all brown and wilted.

We hit the bed early to get out rest. The plan was to get up at 3:30, but then we changed out mind and decided on 4:00. BOY that sounds early!


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