Back to Basics

I have spent a lot of time thinking this week about what I need to do next. I think I have finally come to a decision – get back to basics. I have to get back to how it all started – exercising a lot and counting calories. Make it about the simple math of calories in and calories out.  Weightloss is not any more complicated than that.

I have contemplated doing another round of P90X or training for a faster 5K or something… something keeps stopping me from making that commitment. I think I do not want to be tied down to one program. All last summer I did P90X – day in and day out… Tony, Tony, Tony.  Soon after that I started training for my first half marathon, then the marathons…. day in and day out – running, running, running…

What I want is variety. BUT, I need to ensure that I stick to it. The beauty of committing to P90X or a marathon training plan is that there is a PLAN. I am a firm believer of plans but they are a bit mind numbing towards the end. I am going to try something different.

For the next 90 days – burn 1000 calories 6 days a week. The calorie burn can come in any way, shape or form. Some days it might be one long workout, some days 3 shorter workouts… some running, P90X, Jillian, core work, yoga, spinning, weight training, etc. Whatever it takes to get the calorie burn.

Food will be a balanced diet of protein and complex carbs. I am going to start with 1800 calories a day.

One day a week I will have a rest day and a “high calorie” day. They may or may not be the same day – it doesn’t matter. The high calorie day really works for me – it is not a day to go hog-wild, but a day were I can have something that I have been craving or a meal that I do not have to count calories on.

I am looking forward to a little variety!



  1. Katheryn

    Make sure you be careful! Eating that many calories and burning that many calories can be dangerous, but I trust you’ve done your research. I love you!

  2. Linda

    That is what I need to do is have a plan – it is too easy to nibble, etc. I’ll have to find my calorie count and write it down. I’ll have to start wearing my heart band again to get my calories when walking or even playing with Dylan.

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