Day one was a success! Yes, I calling my new plan “P90L” for the fun of it. It is my plan for 90 days – not Tony’s or Jillian’s although they will probably be helping me.

Today started off well with a delicious breakfast of egg whites, turkey sausage and half an English muffin. After letting my breakfast settle I headed to the park for a run.

Today was the first official Tryon Running Club Saturday morning run. There was a whopping 4 people – Scarlette, Margret, Andy and myself. It was a good 5 mile run around a loop that will be the stage for a new local race The Warrior Drive 5. It is going to be a fun race.

After the run, I went home to clean up and grab something to eat (leftover greek turkey burger on a bun) before heading to Spartanburg for some shopping. I am ready to get things back to normal this weekend so I set out on my normal shopping circuit; Kohls, Target, Barnes and Noble (non-fat iced latte, of course) and Costco. I got everything I needed except spinach – Costco was out.  I planned on also doing my grocery shopping for the week but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Every place I went was so crowd. I was ready to be home.

After putting everything away it was time for workout #2. I gave my new workout DVD a shot – Jillians’s Yoga Meltdown. It was a 30 minute yoga workout like no other. I really enjoyed it much more than I expected. I do not really like yoga, but this is more of an aerobic core workout than your typical yoga. I almost burned the necessary calories. I fell short a few so I decided to try so assisted pull-ups. I did 10 normal pull-ups and 10 wide push-ups.

Dinner was pretty good. I got a flank steak at Costco and marinated and grilled it for fajitas. I had three with corn tortillas, lowfat cheese, lowfat sour cream and lots of veggies. I could have eaten many more but I had to save run for dessert. I had two Lindorts – YUMMY… they are so worth the 73.3 calories a piece!

Summary for today:
Breakfast: 228
Lunch: 400
Snack: 360
Dinner: 525
Dessert: 160
Total: 1675
5 mile run: 736
Yoga Meltdown, plus 20 pull-ups: 300

Now I am tired and heading to bed. Tomorrow I am sleeping in!


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