Be the boss!

As I was doing some jab/upper cut/speed bag/kick combo during Tae Bo, Billy Blanks yelled out, “Be the BOSS of your workout!” YEAH!  BE THE BOSS! I OWN this workout! Billy has a way of pumping me up in a workout like no other.  He has a lot of great sayings during the workouts and they WORK! (Calories: 575)

It is so funny how I am always on  quest to find the latest and greatest workouts and I always come back to a few favorites. I guess it is good to find the new ones to mix things up… but Billy Blanks started it all. He has the moves, the music, the motivation and the originality. Same with Gin Miller the other day. The more I do these older workouts I realize that these new ones are just imitations. They might be good in their own right, but they are not original.

Today at lunch I had a fantastic run with two friends. We kept a nice pace while also being able to chat. Time goes by so much faster with running partners! (calories: 460)

Total: 1035

I had another really nice surprise today from another friend, Raquel. I have worked with her for a couple of years now and we have become friends. She is always sweet and encouraging. She took on her own challenge over the past few months; she wanted to lose weight and quit smoking. She has succeeded at both! She has lost 30 pounds and looks GREAT! I told her today she could be in the ad for our Reebok Easytone shoes! She always tells me that I inspired her to get healthy – that means so much.

We were talking today and I was telling her how she now inspires me, too! I was telling her that I have struggled the past couple of weeks trying to stay motivated, etc. We talked for a bit and I got back to work. Later that day she came in my office with a gift:

The tag reads: Courage – Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage.

She said this reminded her of a runner crossing the finish line – how true!

Along with that she gave me a little card –

The card has a nice passage at the bottom – my picture is blurry and I have my card at work. It was very sweet!

Here is the beautiful Raquel!

Thank you!



  1. weightosuccess

    Oh.. this is so precious. She is such a beautiful young lady. You ought to go to one of her workout classes the girl is a exercising machine 😉

  2. Linda

    How sweet of her – she is a pretty girl.

  3. Ted

    She’s prutty.

  4. Ted

    I just figure out what the card says:

    Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 3:13-14

  5. lauraph2009

    You are GOOD!

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