Back in the routine

I found my groove again with all my exercise and counting calories. It took me all week to get it down pat again. It takes a certain amount of coordination to make sure all the food is allotted, counted and packed… then make sure all my workout gear is packed.

I really need way too many things to get the job done, but oh well! Sometimes I am in the mood for thin socks, other times thicker socks. Sometimes I might need the Garmin to run outside, other days the Polar to log my calories in the gym.

Today was the grand finale for the week. I was going to run, but it was 88 degrees and sunny and I was just not ready for the heat yet. I am going to have to acclimate! I ended putting Lady Gaga on and crushing the elliptical! I was on it 48 minutes and burned 526 calories. I was dripping sweat! I did my own style of high intensity interval training. Luckily I had the gym to myself most of the workout so nobody had to hear me huffing and puffing.

After the workout there is a whole other workout getting cooled off and changed. Despite a cool shower, getting my workout clothes back on over my sweaty skin is so hard. Especially when it is hot out and I am still wearing my jeans and long sleeve shirts. It is certainly time for a wardrobe change. The problem is that I have no other clothes to change in to. Last fall when I moved into my winter clothes I gave all my spring and summer clothes to Goodwill because they were too big. It is a good problem to have., I am just not in the mood to shop for new clothes.

I wanted to burn extra calories at lunch because I wasn’t sure how much I was going to exercise tonight. Katheryn is home and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. If that meant giving up a workout so be it… luckily I didn’t have to. She wanted to do Plyo X! We headed down to the basement and cleared a space for two.  We worked out like crazy! (538 calories)

Now we are relaxing for the evening. I had a lovely snack of fresh strawberries with Greek yogurt with a drizzle of agave nectar. It was delicious. I am tired of going to bed hungry every night so I decided I am going to have to break down and eat some fruit. I am not a huge fruit fan, but now that summer is getting near maybe it will be good this year.

Now for some reading and off to bed!


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