Nothing exciting to add

I have nothing really to post about today. I am feeling in a funk and actually think I have to go to the doctor. I do not know if it is allergies or what but I am very tired and blah feeling. I am going to give it another day and if I do not start feeling better I will make an appointment.

Yesterday I did experiment with having just a green drink for breakfast. I am trying to eat less calories this week since I do not have the energy to burn 1000 calories each day.  The green shake was a version of a recipe I found on-line. It called for mango, which I didn’t have, but I used frozen banana.

1 frozen banana
1 scoop greens powder
1 scoop hemp protein
1 squirt agave nectar
1 dash of vanilla
Blend in the Magic Bullet and drink

Surprisingly I really did not start getting hungry until about 11:00. Granted I was SUPER busy so i didn’t really have time to think about food, but still…. 11:00 is pretty good for me. I am going to try it again today if I can find some frozen fruit in the fridge. I discovered my brown, mushy, bag of bananas in the fridge last night – apparently I put them in the fridge rather than the freezer after I used them yesterday – yuck… frozen bananas do not thaw well!

Off to work – it is going to be a long day today!


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