HEALTHY challenge

For the past couple of weeks I have just not felt good at all and it has made me do a lot of thinking about what I need to do next for my challenges, etc. I really thought a lot about my whole goal of what this blog is all about “My Healthy Challenge”. I think I get caught up too much in the weightloss and other stuff and forgot about my main goal. I am still going to reach for fitness goals, but I need to focus on my diet again – more than just calorie counting…

Ever since the marathon training I lost sight of the nutrition part of it. I felt like when I was running 40 miles a week, and 16-20 miles at a time I deserved to eat whatever I wanted. Believe me, that did not always include my green drinks! I started eating sugar again occasionally and some other things that I had knocked out completely.  Once you start eating bad stuff (they taste SO GOOD) it is hard to stop. I am not someone (apparently) that can enjoy the occasional treat in moderation.

On top of all the weight reasons I need to eat better, I want to be the healthiest possible. By this time we all know that our diets are the cause of most health issues; heart problems, cancer, diabetes, etc.

I am going to get organized this weekend and get my pantry stocked with good things and my recipes organized. I want to get a juicer eventually and start juicing but I am going to start off slowly.

One of the first things I am going to do is join a locally grown organic “Community Supported Agriculture” program. You pay a fee and get fresh, organic, locally grown produce all summer. In addition, you have access to other local farmers for cheese and other things.

I am going to get more educated on our food supply and eat more organically and locally. This should be a good challenge!

I will also be in training – I just have to find the right plan. I have my eyes set on another half in the fall and I really want to run it in 2 hours or less – that means cutting my time by 15 minutes. I have lots of training to do! This time I am going to do more cross training and be stronger. Is the nice weather and the longer days coming it should be easier to get all the training in.

Now I am off to see my wonderful parents!


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