Core Performance

I have decided on the plan I am going to follow. I signed up for a program on Core Performance – “Core Performance Endurance”. It is a 6 day per week training program that incorporates many things everything including cardio, strength, core and other functional exercises. The bad thing (maybe good?) is that according to the plan tomorrow is a rest day! What a way to start a training program. I am going to get some cardio in tomorrow and get ready for the rest of the week.

Core Performance also has suggested a calorie allotment for me – 1518 a day.

For my diet I will be counting my calories, but I will be focusing on making sure every calorie counts and striving to eat as much organic and meatless meals as possible.

Time for bed.


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  1. Linda

    I am happy to hear you decided on another goal/challenge.It sure helps to get a plan – now only if I can get going. The locally supported farmers idea is great. I’ll have to check around here and also get to the farmer’s markets more this year. Dylan said he had a great time Saturday.

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