Eat Locally

One of the things I am going to concentrate on food-wise is to eat more locally. I have read about people that try to only eat food that is grown/raised within so many miles of where they live. I always thought this would be hard to do and it might be, but I learned of a way to make it easier. Apparently the county that I live in has a “CSA”  – a Community Supported Agriculture program. There are a network of farmers that will supply the members with fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables. There are also local contacts for meat and dairy products. Now that the Farmer’s Market is open on Saturdays I will start shopping there for some of my food.

This has been something that I have wanted to do but never really took the effort to find out how to do it. But, after watching Food Inc. last night I decided that it was worth the extra money and time to seek out local, organic foods. I learned a lot after watching the movie and had my eyes opened towards a lot of “farming” practices. Some parts were hard to watch and I had to look away a few times…. I knew chickens and cows were not frolicking around farms, but until you see them and how they are treated it really doens’t hit home. I cannot even imagine seeing it in person!

I am also reading some books on the subject; Omnivores Dilemma first and next In Defense of Food, both by Michael Pollen. It is amazing to learn how much big business affects what we eat. I have also found a few podcasts with this author speaking or  interviewed and he is fascinating.  He mentioned a funny rule that he has – do not eat anything that is advertised, especially if it proclaims to be good for you! It is so true… truly healthy food doesn’t have commercials – you do not see TV commercials for spinach or broccoli!

I do not think I am ready to give up meat completely, but I am definitely  going to only buy organic/free range products now. I still have to get more educated about the process to make sure I am not lead astray by the labels.  There is still a lot to learn.

I had a vegetarian day today – I was going to say vegan, but I realized I had cheese in the vegetable lasagna I made. Mmmmm cheese… now THAT is going to be hard to give up!


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