Circuit Run

Today was another beautiful day and I was able to get two outside workouts in. During lunch Sue and I ran another 30 minutes around the parking lots. Instead of doing intervals today the plan called for a steady run in my 75-85% heart rate zone. We did that easily.

After work I met Scarlette at the park for a circuit run. We ran a 1 mile warm-up then ran to various locations to do exercises; push-ups, crunches, walking lunges, swing kicks, tricep dips and plyo jumps. We really got a great workout in and had a good time talking in between.

This is my third day of no meat. I am still hanging on to my yogurt blue cheese dressing, but I am almost out and when it is empty I will not be replacing it. I can’t say yet if I will be able to go completely vegan, but am going to cut drastically down on my animal consumption. I have to find alternative products to the industrialized food in the grocery store. It is not going to be easy, but even if I can reduce my consumption of a few things I think it will be better.  There are a couple of giants out there that really dictate what we eat and I want to avoid them. The ultimate goal is local food but I have to find it first.  I joined the CSA so that will cover me for fruits and vegetables. Now I have to find local suppliers for meat and cheese.

Tomorrow is more interval training – I think that is my favorite workout right now. It really makes the workout go quickly because I am completely focused on getting through each interval that the workout is over before I realize it.

Off to bed!


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  1. Linda

    Sounds like you are getting back to your old self and enjoying the workouts. Great beginning!

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