Core work

I am really enjoying my new workout so far. Core Performance gives me a new workout everyday – I like not knowing what will be next.  Every Monday I can download my workout videos on my Ipod and they are ready to go whenever I am. The videos are just short clips of the exercise being demonstrated. No ego-maniac instructor shouting commands. Just the fitness model and me.

And, there is certainly a reason this is called “core performance”. Every move incorporates the core muscles. There are lots of moves that require balance as well to force you to use your whole body to hold positions. For the most part the exercises are completely different from normal workouts.

Food today was good. I did some research on some companies and found that there are only a few true organic companies anymore. Most things we see in the supermarket that call themselves organic are owned by the same huge corporations that make everything. The good thing about that is that organic product is becoming less expensive and more people can buy it. The bad part is that some of it is misleading. I used to think that I was better to buy organic milk because the cows were not feed antibiotics and other chemicals and they could live freely in a pasture and sunbathe and could be found frolicking in the grass. Not so much… the first part is true that they are free from anitbiotics and such, but in some of the bigger corporations they are still stuffed into congested and crowded industrial farms. They might have a better chance to get fresh air, but it is still not ideal.

There are some companies out there that are still independent and although still large companies, and still in control of their operations and doing things right. The trouble is figuring out which ones are good ones! I have found a few websites here and there that help me but I still have a lot of learning to do.

I have gotten one good food rule so far from author Michael Pollan:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”


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  1. Linda

    Here is a question and answer from Michael J. Fox – I never knew.

    “I think the best part about being married to Tracy is you’re also related to Michael Pollan, her brother.

    Yes, the Carl Sagan of food. He has become quite a figurehead. He taught me a lot, personally, about how to write and how to think about writing. And of course he’s taken the subject of food into the realm of politics and made us all think about where our food is from”.

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