Rarely am I fooled by labels. I know what I am looking for and packaging cannot fool me. I am on to one of my favorite places, Jimmy John’s and their little bags of chips that are really two servings… all those places try to fool us, but they can’t get me.

That is until today (or, the other day when I made the purchase).

I was bragging today at work about my delicious sandwich I was having for lunch this week. It is glorious; soft lavash with hummus, avocado, feta and spinach. It is so delicious and HUGE for a relatively small amount of calories.

I measured precisely:
1 lavash – 77 calories
2T hummus – 60 calories
1/4 avocado – 70 calories
.5 oz. feta – 30 calories
2 cups fresh spinach – who cares… greens don’t count

All of this rolled up into a delicious 237 calorie wrap:

This is an amazing amount of food for less than 300 calories. I couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it.

The first thing I wanted to show was the pack of lavash… this stuff is hard to find. I found it at Earth Fare this weekend and I was thrilled. It is a low calorie, low sodium bread.

I flipped it over to get a picture of the nutrition content:

The plastic is intentionally wrinkled to illustrate my problem. There are 4 pieces of bread in this pack. If you look you will see each serving is an ounce. One ounce is 77 calories. If you can make out the number of servings you see a 4. The problem is that it is not a 4… it is a 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the wrinkle disguised the 14 in the store, too. I never would have bought it if I had noticed)

14 servings in 4 pieces of bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

Seriously I cannot even figure out how that works out. Instead I decided to look at the serving amount….1 oz. I weighed a piece on my handy-dandy digital scale and one piece weighs 3.9 oz. so 3.9 x 77 = 300.3 calories!!! That is a far cry from 77 calories. My delicious sandwich is now 460 calories. wow

Now I am bummed. I will figure out what to do the rest of the week. A half of sandwich is not quite the same.

My day:
Breakfast Shake: 250
Snack: 1 banana and apple sauce – 140
Lunch: 460
snack: Lara bar – 200
Dinner: pasta and bean soup, 2 homemade biscuits – 600

I really lucked out – 1650 calories! Maybe all is not lost.

I also had a really good exercise day. I worked hard and burned about 500 calories. I felt satisfied all day and had a good bit of energy. This vegetarian diet isn’t too bad!


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  1. Linda

    Sandwich does look good – it doesn’t look like it would be that many calories.

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