Another weekend over

Why do these weekends go by so quickly? I really would like a few more days off… I wish I could call in sick!

The weekend was relaxing and productive. Saturday started out with a nice 4 mile run around Warrior Loop with the Tryon Running Club. We had two new people show up this week.  They were faster but luckily one of the regulars was there, too, and he was able to run with them. It was a good run – I am looking forward to doing it again.

Afterward I went to the farmers market again. Nothing new this week… I do not think there will be anything exciting until the vegetables start showing up. The goat cheese man was there again but he was out of feta. I did get some chevre…. it is the best ever.

Sunday I made the most delicious sandwich EVER – chevre, roasted red pepper, spinach and some vinaigrette -The bread was nice and crusty. It was so good.

For dinner Sunday I decided to grill. I made veggie kabobs, sweet potato salad and teriyaki grilled eggplant.

As usual, it looks yummy… the sweet potato salad was good – it was grilled sweet potatoes with red onion and a bit of blue cheese and a light dressing. The kabobs were bland and the eggplant was, well…. eggplant. I think I have decided that I like the idea of eggplant more than I like eating it. It is just not good unless is it breaded, fried, smothered in marinara sauce and covered with cheese.

Luckily for John I also made him a grilled chicken breast.

I did a lot of cooking this weekend for this week. I like getting my food prepared in advance and making sure all my lunch stuff is ready. I should be good until Wednesday and then I will have to go to the store and restock.

After dinner tonight I went out and ran up and down some hills. I really need to work on my legs and my endurance. I forgot how hard hill repeats were, especially on gravel. After than I did my Core Performance routine. I bumped myself to the next stage in the program so hopefully this week it will get more challenging.

Right now I am hungry from my unsatisfying dinner so I better go to bed before I start raiding the cabinets!



  1. Linda

    The sandwich looks really good. I made your sauce with noodles but I forgot to put spinach in it; I did bring along broccoli. I can’t wait for lunch but first the walk. We are avoiding the gym tonight and instead going tomorrow. Last Monday the gym was so full we couldn’t get a cardio machine for awhile so we did the other machines.

  2. Fab44

    I will have to say, it doesn’t look too tasty. 🙂

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