Hyper Tuesday

Besides the fact that it was CRAZY busy at work today I was also CRAZY hyper. I felt like I had 14 lattes today but I only had my one cup of coffee in the morning. I actually felt wired!

We had an excellent run at lunch. Sue, Jaime and I did out track work; 1 mile warm-up, 12 100 meter dashes and a cool down. I could have done more intervals but we ran out of time. I set my pace for speed training that will help me finish a 5K in 28:00 minutes. I had to run them in 24-27 seconds. We couldn’t quite get the 100 meters marked correctly so I am not sure if we were exact but I did them all in the prescribed pace. It felt really good to push hard. I was so focused on each lap that I forgot to look at my heart rate. Next week I will pay attention to that too to make sure I am getting it up to 80-90% of my max, if not I need to push harder.

Tonight I did my Core Performance routine; squats, lunges, plyo and planks. It was a good workout and I am already feeling stronger again.

Food was uneventful today. I had lentils and spinach again, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I was starving all afternoon. I forgot my afternoon snack! Luckily I had a little container of applesauce at my desk that held me over. On top of that I had to leave work late due to a bad storm that was passing by, then there was an accident that caused a delay. I was famished by the time I got home. I had planned to make salmon cakes for John, a soba noodle dish and a salad. We had a big salad and I threw some pasta in a pot and dumped some marinara sauce over it and called it dinner.

Tomorrow is elliptical and more Core.


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