Feeling it!

I was happy today was an easy day… some elliptical and stretching. Well, in Core Performance speak today is called “regeneration”. Lots of stretching, foam rolling and trigger point therapy. The foam roller really doesn’t get any easier – it still hurts, especially on the IT band. I guess that means I need it there!

Tomorrow is running and strength training. I am planning on three miles and I need to hold a 10 minute per mile pace. I have been running too slowing lately so I need to focus on getting up to race pace again. It felt great doing the speed training yesterday so hopefully the tempo run will be good tomorrow!

I ad my normal breakfast, snacks and lunch today… more lentils. I have to say I had visions of pizza today. Luckily I packed myself a special treat for lunch – half of an avocado. I put a quarter in each half of my pita bread and spiked it with sriracha sauce.

Tonight I made some soba noodles with salmon cakes and corn salad. I got some cans of wild caught salmon from Costco and it was pretty good. I figured the salmon were not abused while being caught so it is safe. I really do not like eating farmed fish – they are really not good for you because of what they are given to eat. The salmon cakes were pretty good but I still made my main course vegetables. The fish was more of a side dish for me.

Right now I am hungry again and John mentioned pie earlier.I cannot get pie off my mind! Darn him! I will have to make some popcorn!


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