Rest day Friday!

I had a wonderful rest day today… the sun was shining and I had a wonderful surprise – Katheryn is coming home tonight! It wasn’t so much a SURPRISE as she told us the other day, but still, it is a good thing. She called at 6:00 saying she left and when I asked her what I could make for her she said she really wanted coconut cake. HMMM… it has been a long time since I made a coconut cake and I remember it being difficult for some reason. I scoured my cookbooks as quickly as I could. If I was going to have a homemade coconut cake ready by 8:30 I was going to have to hurry.

Buying a premade cake is not an option… it never really has been. Cakes are not that difficult in the first place but now, considering all the bad things in pre-made food I just cannot do it. I was going to cheat and buy a cake mix, but that too is out of the question. Partially hydrogenated oils abound. No can do.

Michael Pollen said at some point, either in one of the books I have read or interviews I watched that junk food is ok, as long as you make it yourself.  Good point. If you take the effort to make cake or fries, etc., 1) they will taste better, 2) you will know what goes in to them and 3) you probably will not eat them very often. I know in the the case of french fries, if I use this rule I most likely will never have them again…. I hate frying food so I will have to be desparate.

Cake, on the other hand, is a different story. Cake is easy. Even coconut cake if you find the right recipe. The recipe I found was from Mom’s old Better Homes and Garden Baking book. I have tons of cookbooks from various chefs, but this book is also a go-to book. The recipes always come out and they are easy and good.

I didn’t have organic flour or sugar or butter, but I used organic eggs. Even though they were not all organic, it was just food, no additives or preservatives. It was good. Since I have not had sugar in three weeks I might be up all night!


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