Evening walk

Today a a good productive day all around until the drive home when I sat in traffic for 50 minutes. I was so irritated because I didn’t go to the bathroom before I left work! I also made a last minute decision not to go to Ingles for taco stuff… if I had gone I would have seen the traffic jam looming. Oh well. It gave me more time to listen to my favorite podcast, Endurance Planet.

I was starving by the time I got home and was not in the mood to cook anything. I had some organic chicken sausages for John so I cooked those up and served them with some leftovers from the other night; green beans, collards and the grit casserole. The grits were even better tonight –  yummy!

After dinner John said he was going for a short walk on the trails in front of the house – did I want to come? Yes, of course.  I was a gorgeous night and John was in the lead taking out the spider webs across the trails. I was just before 8:00 so it was light enough to see fine. We looped around and around inspecting the trails. It is so wonderful and peaceful on our trails, it is hard to believe that they are in our own backyard. John really has put a lot of work into these trails and they are wonderful. We ended up walking for about 45 minutes. It was great.  Sometimes it is nice just to walk… I can look around (a little bit, I still have to watch where I am going so I do not trip!) and just enjoy walking.


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  1. Linda

    Sounds nice – it is fun walking those trails.

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