Post bike ride

I woke up this morning, turned over to shut off the alarm and realized right away that today might be rough. I had trouble turning over because my hips were sore (although, they are always sore) then when it was hard to lift my right arm to the clock. Then as I eased myself into an upright position to reach for my medicine (my daily thyroid meds) I actually had a bit of trouble opening the non-child-proof container. My right had was sore! Apparently if you grip the handle bars and breaks hard enough for 2.5 hours  the muscles get strained….

As I stood up I noticed the butt soreness. It was going to be a long day of sitting for me! What hit me the most after I had been up a little while was the neck pain. Odd, I know. John said it was because I was so tense the whole time… he is probably right!

Mountain biking is definitely a full body workout! I plan on trying again. I think I will practice on my own trails, although John tells me our trails are technically harder than the ones in Tsali. I guess I will take it a bit at a time. I think I need to sign up for some spinning classes, too, or just hope on the bike at work. I can certainly see why people use cycling as cross training.

Another thing that is different about mountain biking is that I stayed completely focused on what I was doing. There was no time (well, very little time) for any contemplation. With running I often zone out and get caught up in the music or my thoughts. Yesterday there was no zoning out! I had to pay very careful attention to what I was doing or else risk injury (ok, so that is one of the thoughts I had periodically throughout the ride!)

Now I am beat.  I had to do my grocery shopping since I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good day yesterday by going. I was not very motivated tonight either. Food is getting tiring. I am tired of thinking about it. I feel the need for a new cookbook to be bought:)


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