Back in the saddle

I couldn’t wait to get home tonight and do a little practice on the bike. I thought I would take it out on the trails and see if I can be more confident since I wasn’t hanging off the side of a mountain.

The first obstacle I encountered was the the bike was hanging upside down in the big garage and John wasn’t home. My heart rate got up just climbing up on the Ranger and heaving it down! Once it was down safely I was ready to go. I strapped on the Garmin and my helmet and eased on to the front trail. For about 20 feet. It was rough. Yes, the Tsali trails have nothing on John’s trails (I am trying to think of a clever name for them, something catchy). They are rocky and rooty and with ruts from the motorcycle. I was not getting far…

I decided to just practice my skills. I headed to the gas line where there is a good downhill that is not too steep. I thought I would try to go downhill without applying the breaks. No way. The gas line is rough and full to sticks and rocks. I had to go slowly but I went up and down several times. I even went to the top of the big hill and was going to go down it but chickened out.

After going up and down the gas line hills several times I decided to try something else. I really do not like going fast and I always ride the breaks so I thought I would practice that… I took off down the driveway and tried to go fast (for me) without applying the breaks. I did pretty good. On the way back up the drive I put it the bike in a higher gear – 1-7 and practiced pedaling while standing. I also practiced stopping and then starting again mid-hill.

I found many videos on-line demonstrating bicycling skills. I am going to watch a few and tomorrow get out and try some balancing maneuvers.

I need to get some pictures of my training grounds. And, I think we thought of a name for the trails…The Verborgen Trails.


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