Two days later….

That’s right! I am still sore. I got in my workout at lunch and it was fine, but I am not sure my butt will ever want to sit on a bike seat again! What would it have been like without the fancy padded shorts? That is insane! I am not sure how cyclists do it!

Right now I am just plugging along and getting my workouts in. I am starting some research for a fall half marathon. I want to pick one that is fun and has a big crowd. I am done with small races; I really like the hoopla of the big event.

Nothing else new here!



  1. There is a women’s half-marathon in St. Petersburg, FL in November that looks so much fun. My friend, Cathy and I are going to do it. The link to the site is: We are also going to do the Myrtle Beach MiniMarathon in October, but I know you may have some strong feelings about MB and I don’t know how large of a turnout they will get since they really left a bad reputation based on the February one! A fun racing series is the Rock ‘n’ Roll series. All of theirs have large crowds and are pretty well organized. I know they have severeal upcoming races too!! Hope you find something you like 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!!


  2. lauraph2009

    Thank you for the half marathon race suggestions. That one in Florida does look fun! I will have to keep investigating. I plan on another marathon attempt next year and I really think it will be one of the Rock and Roll Marathons. You always make them sound so fun.

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