Boy it sure got hot all of a sudden! Just yesterday I wore my fleece to work. Today I come home and it is in the 90’s and humid. It was bound to happen so it might have well been today.

On the agenda for tonight… a trail run. Scarlette came over to run the Verborgen Trail 🙂 Before leaving we sprayed on the bug spray, turned on the Garmin and headed out.  Naturally running trails is slower but I thought we were going a pretty good pace considering neither of us spend a lot of time on trails. I was in the lead since I knew where we were going (hopefully). There is only one problem with being in the lead… spider webs. It is bad enough getting some web on you under normal conditions. When you are sticky and sweaty it is even worse. Yuck!

About 10 minutes in we were both dripping sweat!

There are a couple of really nice hills that we didn’t quite make it up running so we had to walk. By the time we got to the top I was huffing and puffing like crazy!

We ran about 35 minutes and headed back. We are going to have to get used to the heat and build up our summer endurance.

I do not even think I tripped once – I almost tripped on a root, the side of my foot caught it, but I didn’t even lose my stride. Hopefully I will continue to build up my strength and coordination. I will be rock’n that trail before you know it!


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  1. Linda

    Good going! I haven’t been biking or hiking on trail for a while. Got to get back to it. After our vacation and the weather getting better we’ll get out with Dylan.

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