Tired day!

It has been a busy week at work – lots of things to do and people to see.  I missed my lunchtime workout twice because of the craziness.  It should be back to normal tomorrow.

Today I am sore, I didn’t get my workout logs printed for the weight training plan I was going to do, so I did Chest and Shoulders P90X. I forgot how much the pull-ups (even modified ones) hurt the next day! I am back to doing push-ups on my knees so I guess I am starting over with the upper body strength!

At work today we had a huge celebration for the grand opening of our new facilty. It was nice hearing all the big hot shots speak, etc., but mostly it was nice because they fed us a very nice catered lunch. We were all shocked about the glassware, nice dishes, silverware… we thought we would get paper plates and plastic forks. The lunch was BBQ so I knew I would just eat the slaw and beans but to my surprise they even had a vegetarian option! I was so happy. They had rice and artichoke stuffed peppers. They were pretty good.

I am going to relax tonight and get back on the exercise wagon tomorrow. I have worked 10 hours today and I am just ready to chill.


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    That was nice they thought of vegetarians. I could go for a stuffed green pepper.

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