Decisions, decisions….

I spent the weekend relaxing and having fun with my parents and nephew. I mostly lounged and had fun. I should have done some running, but I didn’t.

Sunday I had to work for a few hours… that is never a good thing. I do not mind putting in the extra hours because I know it will pay off, but I really didn’t want to be cooped up on a beautiful day. In the 3+ hours that I spent in the office I could have been running or shopping or sun-bathing… something other than sending orders to the warehouse to ship. I sure hope if pays off in a beautiful bonus next year!.

I left the office about 3:30 PM on Sunday afternoon. I PLANNED on going to the grocery store and being responsible about getting ready for the week. Who cares about responsible? I wanted to sunbathe…

In 1.5 hours many things could have happened I could have gotten my grocery shopping done and meal or two planned. I could have run 10 miles. I could have walked 6 miles on the trails. I could have…. EVENED OUT MY TAN!

Guess what I did? I evened out my tan. Since I have been running for the past few months I have the weirdest tan lines. Lines around my ankle and my bicep leave for crazy, not-so-appealing tan lines. I decided to take care of that today. As soon as I got home I changed into my bathing suit and grabbed a guilty pleasure (a Twilight book).

Who needs a beach?

The driveway does just fine!

My tan is a little better now and I finished the third book in the Twilight series. A good way to spent a couple of hours!



  1. fab44

    Taking a few hours in the pool is what I love.

    sounds like you had a good weekend.

  2. Linda

    Dylan spent some time in the sprinkler – he wanted me to go in but I just didn’t feel like getting wet. By this time I was exhausted playing.

    My lunch bag is working out great. I bought a chiller pack.

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