Yep, it’s PLUS alright…

P90X PLUS that is… John bought P90X last week and it has been sitting on the table staring at me – daring me to pick it up. I have been avoiding looking at it. I knew it would be hard and I had to be ready.

There are 5 new workouts to P90X Plus:

  • Interval X Plus
  • Kenpo Cardio Plus
  • Upper Plus
  • Total Body Plus
  • Abs/Core Plus

I decided to try Total Body Plus which has the description:

Tony takes your entire body through sculpting, strengthening, and just plain shredding sets. Each muscle group will take turns recuperating while you blast another until you’ve got nothing left but quivering muscles.

It’ s all true… I can barely type.

I knew it was going to be rough when 5 minutes into the warm-up we did “dive bombers”. Really? Diver bomber push-ups are the WARM-UP? wow. I made it through the 9 minute warm-up that had some pretty neat moves. The rest of the routine is just one exercise after another. I am not quite sure where the “recuperating” that is mentioned in the description happens! I couldn’t even do half of the moves and I was still dripping sweat.

I wish I could report my calorie burn but about 20 minutes into the workout I realized I forgot to put on my heart rate monitor. I am sure I burned a lot but I will probably do better next time as I will not miss the first few reps trying to figure out what they are doing.

The BEST part of this is that there are no annoying people! It is Tony and two other very quiet people that work hard and do not make any random noises or stupid comments. Tony is his usual self, but I do not recall any specific jokes right now – I was too busy working hard to pay attention to him.

I will most certainly be doing this workout again. I will decide tomorrow which of the other ones I will do next.



  1. Katheryn

    I knew you and dad secretly wanted P90x Plus and was looking for an excuse to get it after I mentioned it 🙂 hahaha Dive bombers in the warm up is a little extreme. I will probably stick to abs/core plus and the cardio ones until my shoulder heals up! But no PLUS for me until my 12 weeks are up! only 10 more to go!

    “Like a pterodactyl backing out of trouble”

  2. Linda

    Wow a Plus! After you talked about the first one I couldn’t imagine anything harder. Good luck!

  3. weightosuccess

    Sounds awesome!!! Look forward to hearing more about it 😉 When you mix things up it keeps exercising interesting. Love it!!!

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