Day 2 of PLUS

Tonight I popped in another P90X Plus DVD… Interval Plus. It was a great workout, don’t get me wrong, but it was no Plyo. I thought it was going to be a harder version of Plyo and it wasn’t. It was different, in a good way.

The official description is:

This extraordinarily effective roller coaster ride will take you from low to medium to high intensity in a rhythm that revs your metabolism to peak levels. But it’s not just cardio; you’ll strengthen and sculpt your upper and lower body for more power and performance.

The workout is about 15 different interval sets that are performed for a minute each…. 20 seconds and moderate intensity, 20 seconds at a higher intensity and 20 last seconds at the highest intensity. Intensity might be speed or range of motion, depending on the exercise.  You can do anything for 60 seconds, right?

Right… wow, some intervals were not so bad… others were tough. There is one particular move that is a variation of one that we did in the Total Body workout I did yesterday. The “squat to chair” ugh…. it is so hard! My legs are still sore from yesterday so tonight really hurt. A good hurt.

I remembered to wear my heart rate monitor tonight. My maximum heart rate was 183 – that is high for me (100% of max according to the formula)! My average heart rate was 135 which is about 75% of max heart rate. This does not seem high, but the first interval is moderate and meant to drop the heart rate back down and build it up. The workout did what it said it was going to do… it was a roller coaster ride for the heart. It is only a 40 minute workout and I burned 400 calories – about the same amount of calories that I burn if I run 40 minutes.

Now I have to decide what workout I will do tomorrow!


1 Comment

  1. Katheryn

    102% of you HRmax. 🙂 I told you that formula can be off sometimes! Good work mom! I love you!

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